Lumphini Park, Bangkok

It's time to change the world

GOAL: LINK UN goal to Yoga

When we lived in Geneva, I visited the UN Palace and saw the amazing call to action It's time to change world.

I thought I have to help the UN to make this happen but how ?
In fact a lot of our individual habits could help to archive those goals.

1. No Poverty

We could volunteer (give our time) or give a percentage (even 1% change something) of our income to an organizations or a social business, or even a person we believe it/he/she will do the **greater good**. Plus*By doing your greater good you will samadi...* to the universe.

I believe, the best way to fight against poverty is to avoid using money, we could give our time to someone or to a cause.

2. Zero Hunger

While if your want to build up on the first one, you could be volunteer or give to an organization which fight against Hunger but you could also take personal step against it such as

  1. Stop wasting food: plan and buy properly than commit to your meal plan
  2. Reduce your meat consumption
  3. Focus on seasonal and local foods

While Buddhas*1 traveled their world, they accept any kind of food as it is an offer to them.

3. Good Health and Well-Being


4. Quality Education

Sadly, government, don't want educated people, those are too hard to manage, they could think, believe and talk; also their are able to object. TV replaced the Romans Games, since than, we abbrutize voluntary ourself in front of those box (TV, smartphone, ...).

I know you feel tired after works, but what if volunteering 4 hours per weeks was not only a part of your work but also a society mandatory.

5. Gender Equality

It is funny because, I'm born when both of my parents where sharing a company owning, than later, I lived my adolescent age as a lesbian couple model, but then moving out of Canada make me realized Gender Equality is far from being reached. While countries like Philippine and Thailand lead the statistics of being Gender Equality professionally, I see a lot of incongruity during my daily life, and challenge others with their believe concept.

I means, this has to be done, at this computer era, body strength don't matter, it is obviously only an ego challenge; we need to destroy those male/female qualification and unify them under humans.

Ask yourself: What is the real matter? the sex of if it get it done ?

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

I have a daughter, I remembered when I has to tell her to wash herself unless she will have infection. For my, this fall under 4. Quality Education. Also, taking care of our water, such as not mixing grey (dirty) water and how to filter to being drinkable water it is just a matter of ego. I'm asking you Why are we putting a price on water (and now/soon air) ?

7. Affordable and clean energy

While I worked with Equiterre and David Suzuki Foundation, I'll passed on that topic because I believe, again, it's fallen under quality of education; maybe I'm already convinced, you could leave your thought as a comment.